_The size of your bathroom should not be a hindrance to your idea of having a bathroom mirror installed in the washroom. If you have the smallest of washrooms or a washroom that is equivalent to a spa, you can have mirrors for the place easily. It is one of the most important decorative as well as utility based accessories for the washroom. If the placement of bathroom mirrors is at the right place, it will also make your small bathroom look spacious and opulent. This is highly effective if you have a small bathroom in your home. You will be literally spoilt for choices when you start looking for mirrors for your washroom. They are available in different sizes, shapes and price ranges.

A sanitary hardware shop is not the only place to look for mirrors for the bathroom. If you are really interested on giving a different look to the washroom and doing a complete makeover of the same, you can look for vintage bathroom mirrors in antique shops, flea markets and in various places where sale offers are provided. If you want to have a tailored mirror for the washroom, you can order and get one prepared from the various shops. You can choose the mirror frame according to your choice and have the thing assembled. Make sure that the bathroom mirror frame is in sync with the other aspects of the washroom. A misfit in the frame might ruin the beauty of the washroom.

If your washroom is a small one, you can go for bathroom mirrors that are attached to bathroom cabinets. This serves a two-in-one purpose of a cabinet and a mirror. The placement of the light source is also an important thing that should be kept into consideration while installing a mirror in the washroom. As mirrors can reflect light, the bathroom mirror should be placed accordingly so that the washroom gets the best illumination from reflection. Hanging small mirrors on opposite walls of the bathroom is also a great way to make the washroom look bright and illuminated. It also makes small washrooms look spacious.

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